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-Tomato is a firmware replacement project for SOHO routers and runs on Broadcom based devicesPlease refer to the HW compatibility page for specific details.+====== About FreshTomato ====== 
 +FreshTomato is a Linux-based firmware replacement project for home and SOHO routers. Tomato is based on Linux and distributed with the GPL license [[|GPL license]]. 
 +Currently, FreshTomato releases only support Broadcom-based systems containing MIPS or ARM architectureFor more details, please refer to the [[:hardware_compatibility|Hardware compatibility]] page. 
 +Tomato features a particularly friendly interface, which can be used by even inexperienced users. 
 +Tomato was originally written by Jonathan Zarate, and has been developed throughout the years by the open source community. FreshTomato is currently the most up-to-date fork of Tomato and has about 4 to 5 releases a year. 
 +\\ If you wish to contribute to this wiki, **please see the [[:style_guidelines|Style Guidelines]] page for details**.
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