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-====== About FreshTomato ======+====== About ======
-FreshTomato is a Linux-based firmware replacement project for home and SOHO routers. FreshTomato currently runs on Broadcom-based, \\ MIPS-based and some ARM-based devicesPlease refer to the **[[:hardware_compatibility|Hardware Compatibility]]** page for specific details.+The **About** page displays the Name and the version number of the FreshTomato firmware as well as: 
 +   - A copyright statement. 
 +  - The build date of the FreshTomato build running. 
 +  The Linux kernel version and wireless drivers used in the build. 
 +  Direct web links to the FreshTomato homepage, relevant FreshTomato forums, and a source code repository. 
 +  An acknowledgement message to major code contributors. 
 +  - A donation button for the project. 
 +  - An acknowledgment message to all other contributors of their time and effort to the project. \\  \\  \\ 
 +=====   ===== 
-Tomato was originally written by Jonathan Zarate and has been developed throughout the years by the open source community. FreshTomato is currently the most up-to-date fork of FreshTomato and has about 4 to 5 new releases a year. 
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