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Ip Bandwidth Monitoring

IP Bandwidth Monitoring allows you to record usage similarly to Bandwidth Usage but split by LAN client (IP).

Enable: Startes the service for you
Save History Location: RAM/JFFS2/CIFS 1/CIFS 2/Custom Path - Define where historical data is to be saved. Remember data stored in RAM (default) will not survive a reboot
Save Frequency: Define how often cstat data needs to be committed to the saving location.
Save On Shutdown: Forces a cstats file save when shutting does (also reboot applies).
Create New File: Initialise/Reset data.
Create BackupsFIXME

First Day Of The Month: Default to 1 you can change this according to your needs e.g. ISP billing day or else.
Excluded IPs: comma separated list, statically define the IPs in scope for this service.
Included IPs: comma separated list, statically define the IPs not in scope for this service.
Enable Auto-Discovery: automatically include new IPs in monitoring as soon as any traffic is detected.
Labels on graphics: Here you affect the visualisation of data:
- Show known hostnames and IPs: Display both hostnames and IPs
- Prefer to show only hostnames otherwise show IPs: Prefer Hostanmes, if not available show IPs
- Show only IPs: Always show only IPs

Backup and Restore -

As per Bandwidth Monitoring here is where you can manually Backup and Restore your cstat data, essentially saving/restoring via your PC.

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