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This page show in details the daily bandwidth usage history per IP address.

The table can be sorted either incrementally or decrementally by [re]clicking on the header of your choice. If the hostnames are shown, the host column will be sorted alphabetically. The last line of the table show the total usage of the listed hosts.

The table can be customized with these options:

List only these IPs: List only selected IPs, IPs must be seperated by a comma.
Exclude these IPs: Exclude selected IPs, IPs must be seperated by a comma.
Date Range: Select the days you want to list in the table. To show all the saved data, choose “Any”.
Date Format: This lets you select the preferred date display format.
Scale: This defines the scale to be used in the reporting (KB/MB/GB).
Show subnet totals: Show subtotal by subnet.
Hide IPs without traffic: Hide host that did not use any bandwidth.
Show known hostnames: Show known hostnames beside the IP address in the Host column.
Show shortcuts: Show shorcuts for host specific details under the hostnames and/or IP address in the Host column.

  • qosdetails: View QoS Details
  • qosrates: View transfer rates per connection
  • iptraf: View real-time IP Traffic for this address
  • hide: Filter out this address

Data: This displays data in .csv format directly in the web browser.
Configure: This is a shortcut to the IP Traffic Monitoring menu to configure data retention and other settings.

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