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Transfer Rates

The IP Traffic/Transfer Rates page displays detailed IP Transfer Rate data for each client IP address. The Transfer Rates section displays a table of detailed client transfer rate data, categorized in various ways.

The Options section contains the configuration settings for the IP Traffic - Transfer Rates table.

IP Traffic - Transfer Rates

The IP Traffic - Transfer Rates section displays a table, showing detailed transfer rate data. On each row is an client IP address.

For each client IP address, the columns display:

  • Download Transfer Rate
  • Upload Transfer Rate
  • TCP IN/OUT (packets per second)
  • UDP IN/OUT (packets per second)
  • ICMP IN/OUT (packets per second)
  • TCP connections (number of)
  • UDP connections (number of)

  • IP Traffi-Transfer Rates


This section contains settings for the Transfer Rates table. These control which client addresses are monitored, and how the table displays traffic.

(Click Here to Show): Clicking on this reveals the Options (configuration settings) for the Transfer Rates table.

Only these IPs: In this field, enter the IP client addresses of hosts whose IP Traffic you want to display. Insert commas between addresses.

Exclude these IPs: In this field, enter IP client addresses whose IP Traffic you don't want to be monitored. Insert commas between addresses.


Scale: This dropdown lets you select the measurement units used to display traffic.

The choices include:

  • KB
  • MB
  • GB

Ignore inactive hosts: Enabling this option removes inactive IP client hosts from the table.

Show hostnames: Enabling this option makes FreshTomato show hostnames in IP Traffic displays for all IP clients.

Show shortcuts: Enabling this shows shortcuts to other settings under the Host/IP addresses shown in the Host column.

  • [qosdetails] - Enabling this allows you to view QoS Details.
  • [qosrates] - Enabling this allows you to view transfer rates per connection.
  • [iptraf] - Enabling this allows you to view real-time IP Traffic for this address.
  • [hide] - Enabling this allows you to hide this IP address on the display.

Configure: Clicking this button takes you to the IP Traffic Monitoring menu. There, you can configure general IP Traffic Monitoring settings.

Refresh Every: This menu lets you choose the automatic refresh interval (how often the Transfer Rates table is updated).

Refresh: Clicking this button immediately refreshes the Transfer Rates table.

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