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This page allows to tweak some secondary parameters. These are rarely modified so beaware of the consecuences in doing so.

Boot Wait Time * = Is the time when a router can actually be accessed using the included CFE Webserver. This refers to the bootstrap so pre-OS loading. If you for whatever reason need to delay the tomato booting (and stay in internal webserver CFE mode) this is the place where to act. in very peculiar scenarios where e.g. you experience a power cut and your modem takes longer than tomato to boot you could tweak this paramenter.

WAN Port Speed * = Allows you to autonegotiate (default) or force a specific combination of speed/duplex for the wan port. Note you can only force 10Mbps and 100Mbps where 1Gpbs in left on Autonegotiations by design.

CTF (Cut-Through Forwarding) = If set it will enables hardware acelleration allowing you for example to use your tomato device in a WAN Gigabit environment. With this option disabled (default) your WAN<>LAN performance is dependent on the HW model in use but you might get anything between 200~400Mbps on ARM devices. NOTE: Enabling CTF will by design disable QoS and BWlimiter since the switching part of the packet bypasses parts of the standard Linux iptable chains.

Enable Jumbo Frames * = This option (off by default) allows you to increase the maximum frame size within your LAN.

Jumbo Frame Size * = There's a distinction between JF default to off and JF default to 2000, the latter is the default size if it is enabled (otherwise ignored). JF are usually enable if you do an intensive use of e.g. file transfer within your LAN, in this case all the devices must support JF and the size of it is suggested to me omogeneous. It is strongly suggested you leave this off unless you have a specific requirement. Once you venture into JF you're going to have to deal with fragmentation with Internet traffic unless the end device supports Path MTU Discovery. You might find the limited performance benefit of using JF not worth the effort quantified in time needed to tweak and troubleshoot.

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