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Wi-Fi QR Codes

This page, introduced in 2021.6, is a facilitator to produce and print QR codes linked to your Wi-Fi network. Modern devices are able to connect to Wi-Fi by simply pointing the camera to a QR code. The QR code itself contains all the information needed to establish the connection, including SSID and password. This page is specifically designed for venues like Internet Cafes, Hostels, etcetera where the sharing of WiFi credentials needs to be automated/facilitated. You'll probably want a printed version of this page to hang on the wall at the Wi-Fi location, however the QR code works as well on a screen such as the FreshTomato interface. When opening the page, you should see a number of tabs representing the number of physical/virtual SSIDs enabled on your device. Make sure you select the tab/SSID of relevance to your context (e.g. guest SSID).

Show Wi-Fi Logo: This toggles the display of the Wi-Fi logo at the top of the page (helpful for printing). (Default: On).
Show Wi-Fi Password: If enabled, this will add the cleartext Wi-Fi password on the page. This can be helpful if the endpoint device doesn't support Wi-Fi QR codes.
Print: This button sends the relevant part of the QR page to the physical printer of choice.


The Message under the QR code can be edited inline (just click on it and type) and it's specifically designed to customize the message. This can be very helpful, for example, if you need to translate the instruction to a different language. Any editing of the message is not saved, so it wont survive a page reload. However, it is good enough to be printed while on this page.

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