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-{{:pasted:20200520-164632.png}}+====== Wireless Survey ====== 
 +The **Wireless Survey** function lets you run a scan to detect "nearby" (based on signal strength) Wi-Fi networks. The results show SSID name, signal strength, channel, and other network information. This provides crucial details which help you to decide on which channel to run your FreshTomato device's Wi-Fi network(s). 
 +NOTE: While this tool is fully functional, you may find more direct and presentable data using other tools, such as some of the "Wi-Fi scanner" apps available for smartphones. Those apps also provide the advantage of being able to easily move the "scanner" when needed, much more easily than is possible with a fixed router or Access Point. 
 +For more details about wireless signal information, see the [[:network|Network]] page and the [[:device_list|Device List]] page.\\  \\  \\  \\  [[|{{:pasted:20200520-164632.png}}]] 
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