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 +====== Wireless Survey ======
 +The **Wireless Survey** function lets you run a scan to detect "nearby" (based on signal strength) Wi-Fi networks. The results show SSID name, signal strength, channel, and other network information. This provides crucial details which help you to decide on which channel to run your FreshTomato device's Wi-Fi network(s).
-**W I R E L E S S  S U R V E Y**+NOTE: While this tool is fully functional, you may find more direct and presentable data using other tools, such as some of the "Wi-Fi scanner" apps available for smartphones. Those apps also provide the advantage of being able to easily move the "scanner" when needed, much more easily than is possible with a fixed router or Access Point.
-Wireless Surveyas the name suggests, will run a scan of nearby (based on signal strength) SSIDs from the AP standpoint. It displays name, signal strength, channel, and other information. It provides crucial info when deciding on which channel to run the Tomato device's Wi-Fi network(s).\\ +For more details about wireless signal informationsee the [[:network|Network]] page and the [[:device_list|Device List]] page.\\  \\  \\  \\  [[|{{:pasted:20200520-164632.png}}]]
-NOTE: despite this being fully functional you might find more direct and visually pleasant to use instead a WiFi scanner directly on e.g. your mobile device.\\ +
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