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The WOL page allows you to send Wake-On-Lan packets to your wired devices to power them up.
The list of devices in this page is compiled by: - device already active in the arp table
- defined as a static DHCP assignment
- defined manually via Advanced - DHCP/DNS - Dnsmasq Custom configuration e.g.
Some devices might appear but not have the hostname defined. You might want to workaround this defining them manually in the Dnsmasq Custom configuration as per above.
To wake up a device you have two options:
- click anywhere on the of the device you want to affect. After the click you should see the Wake Up button turning grey briefly that means a WoL packet was sent to the relevant MAC address.
- Use the field “MAC Address list” to manually specify one or more mac addresses to be waken and click “Wake Up”.

NOTE: the MAC addresses specified in the MAC Address field are remembered if you ever click Wake Up at least once. FIXME

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