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The WOL (Wake-On-Lan) page allows you to send Wake-On-Lan (aka “Magic”) packets to your wired client devices to power them on.
The client devices must be configured to respond to WOL packets for this function to work.

The list of devices on this page includes:

  • Devices already active in the ARP table.
  • Devices defined in a static DHCP assignment.
  • Devices defined manually in Advanced/DHCP/DNS/Dnsmasq Custom configuration field, such as:

Some devices might appear on this page, but not have their hostname defined/displayed. You can work around this by defining them manually in the Dnsmasq Custom configuration field as described above.

There are two ways to wake up a device:

  1. Click anywhere on the device you want to wake. After clicking, you should see the (WAKE UP) text in the Wake Up button (not the button itself) briefly turn grey. This indicates that a WoL packet was sent to that device's MAC address.
  2. Type the desired MAC Address(es) of the devices to be awakened into the “MAC Address list” field, and then click the WAKE UP button.

NOTE: MAC addresses in the MAC Address List field are remembered, as long as have clicked Wake Up even once after entering them.

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