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The Overview page is a comprehensive page that aims to report in a single place most of the data needed to verify basic configuration settings and hardware status. The overview page is split in paragraphs

This section (apart from the name) is not affected by the configuration and reports mainly on Hardware.

Ethernet ports state
There are multiple type of icons whose led colours represents the interface speed:
Amber = 10Mbps
The internal part of the icon turns to grey for half-duplex or black for full-duplex.
The blinking led always matches the speed colour and the flashing is hard-coded hence not linked to real network activity.

Here you can find the WAN status. Information displayed here will vary based on the type of connectivity you have (DHCP, PPPoE, etc)

Likewise the LAN section provides info on the LAN side of the router

… and WLAN where dependent on the router model you'll find one section per frequency supported by the hardware.

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