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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Tomato support only old devices or also more recent ones?

A: Tomato supports both old devices and modern ones. A good starting point is the Hardware Compatibility page. Keep a close eye on CPU speed, Ethernet port speed and Wi-Fi speed (with 802.11ac currently supporting the fastest Wi-Fi speed).

Q: What are the default login credentials of FreshTomato?

A: Username: root Password: admin

Q: How can I make temporary changes to Tomato's settings that aren't saved unless I want them to be?

A: On the Administration/Debugging menu, enable the “Avoid commiting to NVRAM” setting. If you don't want to keep the settings changes, just reboot Tomato and they will return to the way they were before you made them. If you later decide you want to save the changes, uncheck the Avoid performing an NVRAM commit button. This make experimentation fun, and more safe.

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