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The FreshTomato project offers downloads for the following devices:

ModelRevCPU TypeCPU FreqLANUSB2USB3WiFiFlashNVRAMRAMVersionNotes
Asus RT-N10A1R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 16MBK26Only build52 and earlier! B1/C1 are not supported
Asus RT-N10P R2300100 Mbps--n3008MB 32MBK26RT-N
Asus RT-N10UA1/B1/C1R2300100 Mbps1-n3008MB 32MBK26RT-N
Asus RT-N12 R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Asus RT-N12 /KB1/C1/D1R2300100 Mbps--n3008MB 32MBK26RT-N
Asus RT-N15U R25001 Gbps1-n3008MB 64MBK26RT-N
Asus RT-N16 R24801 Gbps2-n30032MB32KB128MBK26 or K26RT-NNVRAM32K build required
Asus RT-N18U ARM8001 Gbps11n600128MB64KB256MBK26ARM
Asus RT-N53 R2300100 Mbps--n6008MB 32MBK26RT-NA1 supported from V114
Asus RT-N66U R26001 Gbps2-n90032MB64KB256MBK26RT-N or K26RT-ACK26RT-N supports Wireless Client Mode (security works)
Asus RT-AC66U_B1 ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Asus RT-AC56S ARM800 x21 Gbps11ac1200128MB 128MBK26ARM
Asus RT-AC56U/R ARM800 x21 Gbps11ac1200128MB64KB256MBK26ARM
Asus RT-AC66UA1/B1 R26001 Gbps2-ac175032MB 256MBK26RT-ACNeed to fix revision information for this row
Asus RT-AC68U/R/PA1/A2/B1ARM800 x21 Gbps11ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM
Asus RT-AC68UC1/E1ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Asus RT-AC68UB2ARM1400 x21 Gbps11ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Asus RT-AC1900P ARM1400 x21 Gbps11ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Asus RT-AC3200 ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac3200128MB64/128KB256MBK26ARM7It needs stock firmware V3. before tomato to get 128KB flash
Asus WL-330gE R1240100 Mbps--g544MB 16MBK26
Asus WL-500GPv1/v2R1240100 Mbps2-g548MB 32MBK26
Asus WL-500W R1264100 Mbps2-g548MB 32MBK26
Asus WL-520GU R1240100 Mbps1-g544MB 16MBK26
Belkin F5D --
Belkin F7D3302/7202R2500100
Belkin F7D4302R2533100 Mbps- ?-a/n3008MB32KB64MBK26
Belkin F9K --
Buffalo WHR-G54S R1200100 Mbps--g544MB32KB16MBK26
Buffalo WHR-G125 R1240100 Mbps--g1084MB32KB16MBK26
Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 R1200100 Mbps--g544MB32KB16MBK26
Buffalo WZR-D1800H R26001 Gbps1-ac1750128MB 128MBK26RT-N
CD-R King CW-5358U R2 100 Mbps1-n3008MB 32MB
Cisco M10 v2 100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26RT-N
D-Link DIR-320 R1240100 Mbps1-n1504MB 32MBK26
D-Link DIR-620C1R2530100 Mbps1-n3008MB 64MBK26RT-N
D-Link DIR-868LA1/B1/C1ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1750128MB32KB128MBK26ARMNVRAM is limited to 32K use special build
Fiboom HG320 R2533100 Mbps1- 16MB 256MBK26RT-N
Huawei WS880 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1750128MB 128MBK26ARM
Linksys E800 R2300100 Mbps--n1508MB 32MBK26RT-N
Linksys E900 R2300100 Mbps--n3008MB 32MBK26RT-N
Linksys E1000v1/v2.0/v2.1R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26RT-N
Linksys E1200v1/v2R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26RT-N
Linksys E1500 R2300100 Mbps--n3008MB 32MBK26RT-N
Linksys E1550 R2300100 Mbps1-n30016MB 64MBK26RT-N
Linksys E2000 R23541 Gbps--n3008MB 32MBK26
Linksys E2500 R2300100 Mbps--n6008MB 64MBK26RT-NNVRAM limited to 32kB
Linksys E3000 R24801 Gbps1-n6008MB 64MBK26
Linksys E3200 R25001 Gbps1-n60016MB 64MBK26RT-NNVRAM limited to 32kB
Linksys E4200v1R24801 Gbps1-n75016MB 64MBK26RT-NV2 is not supported!
Linksys EA6200v1ARM8001 Gbps-1ac900128MB 128MBK26ARMsingle core
Linksys EA6300v1ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1200128MB 128MBK26ARM
Linksys EA6350v1ARM8001 Gbps-1ac1200128MB 128MBK26ARMsingle core
Linksys EA6400 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1200128MB 128MBK26ARM
Linksys EA6500v2ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM
Linksys EA6700 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM
Linksys EA6900 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1900128MB64KB256MBK26ARM
Linksys WRT54GLv1/v1.1R1200100 Mbps--g544MB32KB16MBK26
Linksys WRT54G/GSv2-v4R1240100 Mbps--g544-8MB32KB32-64MBK26
Linksys WRTSL54GS R1266100 Mbps1-g548MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT160Nv1R1266100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT160Nv3R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT300Nv1R1264100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT310Nv1R13001 Gbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT310Nv2R23001 Gbps--n3004MB 32MBK26same as WRT160N v3
Linksys WRT320N R23541 Gbps--n3008MB 32MBK26
Linksys WRT610Nv2R24801
Netgear R6250 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1600128MB 256MBK26ARM
Netgear R6300v1R26001 Gbps21ac1750128MB 128MBK26RT-AC
Netgear R6300v2ARM800 x21 Gbps11ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM
Netgear R6400v1ARM800 x21 Gbps11ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM
Netgear R6400v2ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Netgear R6700v3ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac1750128MB 256MBK26ARM-NG
Netgear R7000 ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM
Netgear R8000 ARM1000 x21 Gbps11ac3200128MB64KB256MBK26ARM7
Netgear WNR2000v2R2300100 Mbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Netgear WNR3500v2R24531 Gbps--n3004MB 32MBK26
Netgear WNR3500Lv1R24531 Gbps1-n3008MB32KB64MBK26
Netgear WNR3500Lv2R25001 Gbps1-n300128MB 128MBK26RT-N
Netgear WNDR3400v1R2453100 Mbps1-n6008MB64KB64MBK26RT-NWLAN LEDs don't blink in 2020.1 and .2
  \\ \\ |
Netgear WNDR4500v1R26001 Gbps2-n900128MB 128MBK26RT-AC
Netgear WNDR4500v2R26001 Gbps2-n900128MB 128MBK26RT-AC
Ovislink WL1600GL R1240100 Mbps--g1254MB 16MBK26
Tenda AC15 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac190016MB 128MBK26ARM
Tenda AC18 ARM800 x21 Gbps-1ac1900128MB 256MBK26ARM
Tenda N6 R2300100 Mbps--n6008MB 64MBK26RT-N
Tenda N60 R25001 Gbps1-n6008MB 64MBK26RT-N
Tenda N80 R25001 Gbps1-n9008MB 128MBK26RT-N
Tenda W1800R R26001 Gbps2-ac175016MB 256MBK26RT-AC
ZTE ZXV10 H618B R1240100 Mbps1-g5416MB 32MBK26
ZTE H218N R25001 Gbps1-n30016MB 64MBK26RT-N

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