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Web Usage

This page contains configuration settings for monitoring Web Usage betweeen the LAN and the Internet.
It is recommended you leave it Disabled unless you have serious concerns about Web browsing patterns. For example, if you have the need to monitor abusive Web usage patterns, to supervise a minor's browsing habits, or just a need to gather statistics. (Default Disabled).

Clicking Enable » Takes you to the Administration/Logging page (including Syslog settings)

Monitor Web Usage: Checking or unchecking this enables or disables Web Monitoring. (Default: Disabled)

Monitor: Select the Device/s you wish to monitor (All Computers / The following / All except). (Default: All Computers/Devices).

Number of Entries to remember: Here you enter the number of Domains visited and the number of Searches Tomato will record in the log file. Setting this to 0 makes the number of domains and searches unlimited (and therefore) allows an unlimited log size.

Daily Backup: If checked, this will enable backup of Web Monitor logs to the default backup directory. (Default: Disabled).

Clear Data After Backup: if selected, this will empty the log file after the backup is performed. (Default: Disabled)

Backup Directory: This specifies where the backup files will be stored.

NOTE: the content of the default (\tmp) folder will be emptied ater a reboot. You might consider using USB/CIFS/JFFS storage as an alternative for more permanent storage.

NOTE: Web usage will not work properly if the Tomato client you wish to monitor is running a direct TOR/VPN connection to the Internet.
Tomato can't monitor direct TOR or VPN connections because they are already encrypted.

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