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The Buttons/LED menu allows you to assign script(s) to be run when certain hardware buttons are pressed.
It also allows you to assign which events will trigger the router LEDs to illuminate.
Which buttons/LEDs are listed for these functions may depend on the make and model of your router.

For example, the following scripts can be executed by pressing the SES/WPS/AOSS button:


When pushed for Runs following script (by default)
0 - 2 seconds Toggle Wireless
4 - 6 seconds Run Custom Script
8 - 10 Run Custom Script
12+ seconds Run Custom Script
Custom Script [ $1 -ge 20 ] && telnetd -p 233 -l /bin/sh


  • Do Nothing
  • Toggle Wireless: Disables/enables the Wi-Fi interfaces.
  • Reboot: Reboots the router/AP.
  • Shutdown: Shuts down FreshTomato. This does not power off the hardware.
  • Unmount all USB drives: Unmounts all drives connected to USB ports so they can be safely removed.
  • Run Custom Script: Runs a custom script of your choosing.
    The example script shown above runs the Telnet server daemon.
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