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The Scripts page allows you to define certain commands to be run upon specific events. These events are predefined. Each event condition has its own tab.

INIT: A script entered here is run at boot time, before any connections are established.

Halt: Commands defined here are called when the device goes through the Shutdown or Reboot process.

Firewall: Often, FreshTomato calls the firewall to restart. This happens after configuration changes or some internal events (such as a change of WAN IP).

WAN Up (Main): A script entered here is called every time the primary WAN (re)connects.

MultiWan Up: A script in this field is run every time a WAN is reconnected. Specifying which WAN will trigger the script is done by passing the “$1” parameter in the script.

Word Wrap: This option wraps text exceeding the line length to the next line, to make it easier to read.

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