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The Routing page allows you to view the current routing table. It also allows you to define the output interface for specific routing destinations (both IP addresses and Subnets).

The Current Routing Table displays the output from the route system command.

A default table entry should be present that indicates traffic going towards the Internet.

The Static Routing Table is manually created. Here, you can define static routes (with their netmask/gateway) towards specific destinations. While not commonly needed on simple networks, this may be useful for advanced setups such as intranets, VPNs, and others.

If the WAN interface is assigned an IP address via DHCP, this option specifies whether to accept routing information from the DHCP server. Such information is usually sent via DHCP option 33 or 121.

On older FreshTomato versions, there was an obsolete setting in this menu that suggested FreshTomato can operate in Gateway mode or Router mode. Ignore this, and leave it set to “Gateway”, regardless of your configuration.

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