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The Time page displays and allows configuration of various time, time zone and NTP (Network Time Protocol) settings.

Router Time: displays the router's current date, time and time zone. These are expressed as offset from UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) standard.

Time Zone: This allows you to select in which time zone your FreshTomato hardware resides.

Auto Daylight Savings Time

  • Enabled: * FreshTomato automatically adjusts the time/date to reflect DST.
  • Disabled: FreshTomato uses Standard time settings.


Auto Update Time: This chooses if/how to automatically update system time via synchronization with an NTP server.

  • Never - FreshTomato doesn't synchronize its clock time/date with
    an NTP Time Server. NTP server names/addresses can still be configured,
    they just won't be used if Never is selected.
  • Only at Startup - FreshTomato synchronizes time with one of the
    configured NTP servers each time it boots, but not again afterwards.
    If you need synchronization more often, or you have very long uptimes,
    you may want to choose the Auto Interval option.
  • Auto Interval - forces FreshTomato to synchronize time with a
    configured NTP server at a preset interval.

NTP Time Server: Here, choose the country/continent where your device resides. This will cause FreshTomato to automatically configure appropriate default time server addresses. Custom: If you choose this option, address fields will appear in which you manually enter the domains or IP addresses of 3 NTP servers.

Note that if you select a geographical area, FreshTomato will still retain the NTP server addresses entered into the Custom fields, in case you later select Custom.

For a list of NTP servers, see here: Public Time Server Lists .

For detailed technical documentation, see here:

Enable local NTP server: Checking this enables FreshTomato's local NTP server, so LAN client devices can synchronize time/date directly with the router/AP. This option is available only if Auto Update Time is set to Auto interval.

  • Intercept NTP client requests: Enabling this makes FreshTomato intercept NTP client requests
    outbound towards the WAN, so its own NTP server provides synchronization.

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