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On a more sophisticated network, the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is a specific area of the network where services are provided in a secure way. However, in FreshTomato, DMZ has a more simple effect. When enabled, all unknown ports on FreshTomato's WAN are forwarded to the defined DMZ host IP, instead of each being dealt with individually. Consider DMZ a “lazy” and potentially dangerous approach to port forwarding, due to the large security hole it opens. You are advised to use other port forwarding methods before resorting to DMZ.

Enable DMZ: This turns the DMZ function on or off.

Destination Address: This is the LAN IP address of the device meant to receive all these forwarded ports.

Destination Interface: This is the VLAN/bridge where the above host can be found.

Source Address Restriction: If specified, this will limit DMZ activity to the defined source IP address range. The Default is empty, which means ports from any address or range will be forwarded.

Leave Remote Access: If enabled, this will force SSH (TCP port 22) and HTTP (TCP port 443) traffic to always be answered by the FreshTomato router, regardless of DMZ settings.

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