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UPS Monitor

This menu is divided in two sections, the APC UPS Status table and APC UPS Response strings. UPS monitoring is only available for APC uninterruptible power supplies with USB connection compatible with APC’s smart protocol library. The UPS Monitor library is included by default only in the Mega-VPN and AIO builds.

For more details, see:

To establish a connection, first enable USB 1.1 support (OHCI) and enable the Run APCUPSD Daemon option in the USB Support menu.


APC UPS Status

This section contains a table displaying the UPS model name, status, charge level, line voltage, load, and estimated run time.


APC UPS Response

This section contains a list of text strings with all the information retrieved from the UPS.


This contains the same information as the other tools (such as the apcupsd utility daemon for controlling UPSes on a local network windows machine,


UPS Monitor Notes and Troubleshooting

Daemon Log Entries

A good way to debug issues with the UPS daemon is to check the Logs menu for entries indicating successful startup.

For example, see the last entry shown on this Logs screen:


The last log entry shown here indicates that the apcupsd daemon started without problems.

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