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Wireless Survey

This function lets you run a scan to detect WiFi networks nearby/detectable by your router.

The results show:

  • Date and time the network was last detected
  • SSID name
  • Relative Signal strength
  • Signal Quality
  • Channel (incl. band and sideband width)
  • Security method in use
  • Rates (actually 802.11 protocol in use)

This information can help you decide which channels might be optimal for your own WiFi network or just learn about other, “nearby” networks.

This tool is fully functional. However, you may find more useful presentable data and convenience using other tools. The WiFi scanner apps available for smartphones are a good example.

There are several advantages to using an external, portable device:

  • You can easily move around to help locate where signals are coming from.
  • Scanning and refreshes are often faster.
  • Scanning won't interrupt your own router's WiFi signal, allowing you to compare coverage and signal strengths.

For more details about wireless signal information, see the Network page and the Device List page.

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