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PPTP Client

This menu contains all the settings for FreshTomato's built-in PPTP VPN client. PPTP is now considered an outdated protocol, in terms of both speed and security. You are advised to use OpenVPN or WireGuard instead. Both provide faster performance and higher security. If you still want to run PPTP, please continue on.

Generally, the settings required in this menu will depend entirely on the VPN service provider you choose. Many VPN providers which support PPTP have documentation on their website explaining how to configure FreshTomato for their service. We recommend visiting your VPN provider's website for configuration details.

For your convenience, here are some links to HOWTOs for some of the most popular services:

BulletVPN Setup Guides: How to Set Up BulletVPN PPTP Manually on Tomato Router

CactusVPN Setup Tutorials: How to set up VPN on Tomato Routers

IronSocket: Tomato Router PPTP Setup Instructions

PureVPN Support: How to Setup PPTP on Tomato Router

StrongVPN: Tomato Firmware PPTP Setup Guide

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