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Wireless Filter

The Wireless Filter menu allows you to specify the MAC addresses of the only devices that will be allowed to connect on wireless interfaces. It is effectively a MAC Address whitelist for wireless access. (Default: Disabled).

MAC Address: Enter the 12-character MAC address of the client device you wish to allow to access the wireless network.

Description: This optional, but highly recommended field allows you to enter a plain text description of the device. This is helpful for keeping track of the various client devices that should be allowed to connect.

Finally, click Save for the changes to take effect. Clicking Add will create a new row in the table in which you can add another MAC address.

You can choose how and on which interface this list will work on the Advanced/ Virtual Wireless (Interfaces) menu. There is a link in the Notes section of the Wireless Filter page to take you to the Virtual Wireless menu.

NOTE: For security purposes, Wireless Filter tends to prevent casual, inexperienced users from accessing a Wi-Fi network. However, even with the most recent protocols/encryption, MAC addresses are not encrypted in Wi-Fi traffic. Consequently, anyone with packet sniffing software, a wireless network adapter, and a little patience may be able to discover the MAC addresses of other clients on your network.

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