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MultiWan Routing

While similar to the Routing menu, the MultiWAN Routing menu allows you to direct outbound traffic in multiwan scenarios. On this menu, you can define advanced parameters to make a connection bind to a specific WAN. Where outbound traffic is directed will implicitly affect the corresponding (inbound) return traffic. A packet going to WAN0 should return only via the same interface.

On: When enabled, makes active the routing rule on that line of the table.


  • All Protocols * (Default).
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • ICMP

This dropdown lets you choose the transport protocols that should be matched by the rule. Note that there are hundreds of layer 4 protocols. This menu and setting refer to only the most common ones.

Source Address:

  • All
  • IP
  • MAC

Filters in the defined source of traffic. All filters in all LAN devices. The IP setting allows you to define a specific IP address or set of addresses using a netmask syntax (e.g., where MAC binds the rule to a defined MAC Address only.

Destination Address:

  • All
  • IP
  • Domain

Similar to the source IP, the destination address makes the rule more restrictive based on/or destination address. This can be defined as ALL (as in Internet), IP address or set of addresses, defined in a netmask format or even a destination domain.

Selected WAN: WANx - Specfies the logical interface where the defined outbound traffic should be directed.

Description: This is a free text field, in which you can enter any notes you choose to make management easier.

Please note that the rules defined will take precedence over any WAN's weight-related setting.

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