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Entware Installation and Usage

Entware is a software repository for network attached storage, routers and other embedded devices. 2500+ packages are available for different platforms. Entware packages are full versions of programs/commands found in common Linux distributions. You can expand upon the BusyBox versions of commands included with FreshTomato and install packages not already installed. This allows you to “push the limits” of your router.

For more details on how to use Entware, see: The Entware Wiki

There you can also find current, in-depth instructions for installing Entware in FreshTomato: Entware on FreshTomato (and other TomatoUSB forks)

This example assumes you have a USB flash drive mounted at: /mnt/sda1. If you need more details about configuring USB storage, please see the USB Support menu.

First, create the opt folder and mount it:

mkdir /mnt/sda1/opt
mount -o bind /mnt/sda1/opt /opt

Then, you can run the installation command:


Finally, you can install the packages you want, for example:

opkg update
opkg upgrade
opkg install htop

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