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IP Traffic Monitoring

IP Traffic Monitoring allows you to record and graphically display bandwidth usage. IP Traffic Monitoring is similar to Bandwidth Monitoring, but it categorizes the data by individual LAN IP address.

IPT uses FreshTomato's cstats module to function. By default, IP Traffic Monitoring is stored in: /tmp/mnt/logs/cstats.

Enable: Starts the IP Traffic Monitoring service.

Save History Location:

Here, you select where historical data will be saved. Data stored in RAM (the default) will not survive a reboot.

Save Frequency: Defines how often cstats data should be committed to the save location.

Save On Shutdown: Forces cstats to save the data file when shutting down, or rebooting.

Create New File: Initializes/Resets IP Traffic Monitoring data.

Create Backups: If you choose a location other than RAM for History Location this option become available. Daily Backups are made for historical data.

First Day Of The Month: Specifies which is the first day of each monthly cycle. Some people choose to change

this to match their Internet provider's billing cycle, to manage extra bandwidth costs.

Excluded IPs: Here, you manually enter the IP addresses not to be monitored by the service. The list must be comma-separated.

Included IPs: Here, you manually enter the IP addresses to be monitored by the service. The list must be comma-separated.

Enable Auto-Discovery: Checking this automatically includes new IP addresses for monitoring as soon as their traffic is detected.

Labels on graphics: Here you adjust the way graphing data is displayed.

  • Show known hostnames and IPs: This will display both hostnames and IPs.
  • Prefer to show only hostnames otherwise show IPs: If hostnames aren't available, IP addresses will be displayed.
  • Show only IPs: This will always show only IP addresses.

Backup and Restore

Here, you can manually Backup and Restore your cstat data to a PC or other device. You can change the backup file name by editing the text in the filename field. Backup files are saved in .gzip, a compressed file format. gzip files can be opened with file archive software on most operating systems.

Clicking on the Browse… button allows you to browse your client device's storage to find an existing backup file to restore. Clicking the Restore button will restore that data to the IP Traffic Monitoring log system.

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