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Last 24 Hours

The IP Traffic/Last 24 Hours page displays bandwidth used on selected network IP addresses/ranges during the last 24 hours. It does not collect all bandwidth usage based on a specific FreshTomato interface. That is the purpose of the Bandwidth/Last 24 Hours function.

IPs currently on graphic: allows you to select from which IP addresses/ranges you want to display bandwidth data.

Hidden Addresses: On this menu, you can select IP addresses whose bandwidth is currently not being displayed on the graph to be measured/graphed.

The graph has a 24 hour window with a 2-minute interval. That means a maximum of 24 hours of bandwidth data are displayed, which are refreshed a maximum of every 2 minutes.

RX numbers show incoming bandwidth (to the LAN).

TX numbers show outgoing bandwidth (to the WAN).

Configure: Clicking on this button will take you to the Administration/Bandwidth Monitor page. There, you can enable and disable bandwidth monitoring, and configure settings bandwidth monitoring settings.

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